LSP Membership

Extra help, days out, and free gear for the dedicated Parkour enthusiast!

What does the LSP Membership include?

This package is designed for those that are dedicated to developing their parkour skills; it encourages dedicated practitioners by committing to Parkour lesson's each month as a matter of course.

Membership allows participants to get their footage posted directly to the official London School of Parkour social media accounts, subject to adherence of our online safety policy. In addition, members will be invited on exclusive trips and outings with the coaches and other members, giving them a fantastic insight into the wonderful community that surrounds parkour.

Membership is paid via direct debit/standing order and it includes one piece of parkour equipment every 6 months of unbroken membership.


Extra Help

Days Out

How much is the LSP Membership?

£50per Month
Monthly direct debit, on or around the 1st of each month.
Currently only available for Mixed Abilities 13+ Students.

Membership Terms & Conditions


When featuring in LSP footage, wearing LSP clothing, or otherwise representing LSP, participants must behave appropriately and with respect when in a public place. This includes abiding by the current laws in place and training as safely as possible.


The participant agrees that they will pay the above amount per month per participant via electronic transfer/standing order.

By paying the above amount, the participant will be able to attend all of the classes mentioned above

Missed Payments

If a payment is missed, the participant will have 14 days to make the payment before they are removed as a member. Upon reinstating their membership they will still be eligible for the one item per six months as described above and this six month period will start at the time of reinstation.

Cancelled Membership

London School Of Parkour Ltd. reserves the right to revoke membership for any reason at any time.


If student is under 18 years of age we will require a “Parent/Guardian” to sign their form.


Every six months the participant will receive one complementary item of parkour specific clothing/equipment picked by LSP out of the Parkour communities wealth of brands trying to produce the best quality products for Parkour activities.

Membership Summary

  • Rolling contract, dedicated practitioner, attending every week
  • Price £50, paid by standing order on the first of the month
  • Every 6 months a Parkour community branded piece of clothing/equipment
  • Membership allows students to get their footage posted on LSP's Social media to become more involved in the Parkour community
  • Eligible for LSP trips to Parkour jams/events with Coaches

Get your LSP Membership

To get your LSP membership up and running, please cick the button below to head over to our Secure TeamUp platform where you can sign up and set up your direct debit

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